Welcome to my website, where I am formulating a series of articles on the benefits and otherwise of health and diet programs. My findings should be of great benefit to my readers looking to lose weight by this simple yet apparently effective method of staying healthy and in great shape.

Who am I? Well, I'm a doctor with around 30 years experience behind me in general practice, so you can be pretty sure I know a thing or two about how the body works! OK, I like to tell little jokes here and there, so don't mind if this comes across a little less serious than you might have imagined it would.

My interest in diet has always been with me and I'm convinced that we are what we eat. And when I look around me, I see too many people eating too much of the things that are going send then into early graves if they don't stop it sometime soon. Obesity is a growing problem and most folks simply do not know what they're doing to themselves by eating and drinking what they do.

I heard about Nutrisystem many years ago and back then when obesity wasn't the bog deal it is today, I thought it was a pretty good idea for getting people to eat less while keeping their nutritional intake where it should be.

Today, this is more important than ever and regardless most of the food is in a processed state, it is a whole load healthier than what many people are eating. Plus, if people would just stick to it, they'd lose a whole load of weight. So I'm putting my knowledge and experience behind this product and devoting a big part of this website to explaining it and promoting it to people who need it.

Dr H. Long MD