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Welcome to my website, where I am formulating a series of articles on the benefits and otherwise of health, fitness and diet programs.

My findings should be of great benefit to my readers looking to lose weight by this simple yet apparently effective method of staying healthy and in great shape.

Dr Harold Long MDWho am I? Well, I'm a doctor with around 30 years experience behind me in general practice, so you can be pretty sure I know a thing or two about how the body works!

OK, I like to tell little jokes here and there, so don't mind if this comes across a little less serious than you might have imagined it would.

My interest in diet has always been with me and I'm convinced that we are what we eat.

And when I look around me, I see too many people eating too much of the things that are going send them into early graves if they don't stop it sometime soon. Obesity is a growing problem and most folks simply do not know what they're doing to themselves by eating and drinking what they do.

I heard about Nutrisystem many years ago and back then when obesity wasn't the big deal it is today, I thought it was a pretty good idea for getting people to eat less while keeping their nutritional intake where it should be.

Today, this is more important than ever and regardless most of the food is in a processed state, it is a whole load healthier than what many people are eating. Plus, if people would just stick to it, they'd lose a whole load of weight.

So I'm putting my knowledge and experience behind this product and devoting a part of this website to explaining it and promoting it to people who need it.

Is it, in my opinion the best way to lose weight?

No, it is not!

However, as a method that a great many people can work with that's simple and surprisingly effective, it works well enough.

I have views on other, healthier and more effective ways of losing weight and getting healthy that center around what we eat (and drink) and how often we eat (and drink) it.

Eating Right

As well as the commercial diet phenomenon that is exploding as fast as people's waistlines, I'm also focusing on what the real problems are and what is most detrimental to health right now.

The main diet-based causes of ill health are processed food, food additives and the general over-reliance on convenient food in place of "old fashioned" home cooking.

There are people around that have the sense to see the obvious (and I know they are out there). They promote healthy eating, whole foods and getting back to nature by preparing and cooking "real" food.

If you were wondering, I'm talking about the stuff you need to wash, peel, slice or prepare from scratch and cook it by, for example putting in a pot with water on the stove and turning on the heat!

These are the people who are getting it right and not succumbing to the obesity epidemic. This is simply because they refuse to eat (and drink) the industry produced junk that's on sale on the supermarket shelves (that's the stuff making everybody else fat).

That's my mission too -- to inform and educate on what's healthy to eat and drink... and what is not.

Note: The amazing thing about this is that you don't need a medical degree to understand this. It's basic, common sense know-how to eat what your body needs for fuel and don't eat what it can't use.

Hint: The human body doesn't know what to do with most of the processed, additive-laden junk from the grocery store, so it can't use it. It can't extract much, if any goodness from it, so it dumps all that junk into the fat cells growing in your belly (for guys) or your butt (for gals)!

If ever there was a good reason for using the phrase, "food for thought," this is it!

Personal Development

I've also branched out into the personal development space in recent years as I can see a lot of potential in it. Developing the mental side of a person is not only good for expanding the intellect, awareness and creativity but it's also good for improving physical health.

I've seen it happen time and time again where the good old placebo effect has worked on patients that had diseases cured by a sugar pill. As long as they believed it was a real cure, their minds did a lot of the work for them and actually brought about the healing!

That told me a lot about the power of the mind. If a patient can be made to believe something can cure them, they'll be cured (at least in most cases). With that firmly in mind, I extended my own researches into mental faculty expansion and came across a huge movement in the personal life coach or life laws arena.

Knowing what already works, I was keen to learn more about it from a non-medical standpoint to see how the ideas and concepts compare. I can say I'm very interested indeed!

Dr H. Long MD

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