The Nutrisystem Cost to the Customer

Do you know what the current cost of a regular Nutrisystem diet plan for a month is? For those that want to know, the answer is here in terms that anyone can understand so you know exactly what you will be in for when you sign up!

But first, what do you believe is the most important factor to take into consideration when choosing a weight loss diet program for yourself? Do you consider the popularity of a particular program to be important?

Do you believe the effectiveness of the program to be a major deciding factor? Or do you believe that the user friendliness of a diet program is of paramount importance in the decision making process?

Is Nutrisystem the Right Diet at the Right Price?

For many people, all these and other aspects of a diet program are important when it comes to choosing the right weight loss solution for them. But probably none of them are considered to be quite as important as the cost of the program.

After all, if you can't afford to go on a diet, it doesn't matter how good it is or how many people recommend it to you. Simple economics will prevent you from taking the step of signing up simply because your credit card or bank account will not cover the price of that sign up!

So what does a standard diet from Nutrisystem cost? Is it affordable for most people who want to try it? Let's consider what is involved with joining the many satisfied customers who initially asked similar questions, but decided that they could afford it and were glad they decided to make Nutrisystem their successful weight loss program.

How Much Does Nutrisystem Really Cost?

The first thing you will want to know before you get your credit card out is how much the program is going to cost you. Once you know that figure, then you can decide if its the diet you want to go on based on other factors such as the quality and variety of the meals, the success rate from other customers, the flexibility of the diet and how easy it is to get started and stay on the program among other things.

It would not be possible to quote the exact price of the program here, simply because this article is not meant to be updated regularly and the price can change over time. What we can do is give you a ballpark figure to work from and show you how to calculate the amount of money you will need to pay for each month's shipment of meals.

As at the time of writing (September, 2019), the approximate price of the regular (Basic) Nutrisystem diet plan for women works out to around $10 per day, while the same plan for men is around $11 per day. The men's plans are slightly more expensive as they comprise a higher daily calorie level than women's plans. In layman's terms, what it means is the guys get an extra daily snack bar!

But a static figure as quoted is not the end of the story when it comes to calculating how much the diet will be overall. First off, you have to be aware of a very important fact about this particular diet program.

Your Complete Dietary Needs

Nutrisystem provides ALL of your dietary meals for each four week shipment of food.

This means you won't be spending any money on your regular groceries for that period of time. So when you spend $10 a day to lose weight with Nutrisystem, that's all you need to pay. You will not be spending any money on your regular food!

Many people miss this important fact and believe that the price of the program is unduly expensive. This is because they have calculated that they will have to pay for the special meals IN ADDITION to their regular grocery bill. This is NOT the case. In fact, the amount many people would spend on a day's worth of this program's diet meals is less than what they typically spend on breakfast at a diner!

So if cost is a vital statistic in your decision on whether you will choose to sign up with Nutrisystem or not, then you might be pleasantly surprised that this ends up being an extremely agreeable factor in that decision!