Personal Development

In order to improve all aspects of life, a personal development strategy needs to be learned, followed and applied in both mental and physical terms for success.

There are varying ideas on how this can be best incorporated into a person's schedule. However, in my opinion, one of the best ways is to agree with yourself what it is that you intend to do and then do it.

What Do You Truly Want?

personal developmentMany will desire greater wealth, better health or more fulfilling relationships with people around them. Some desire fame, power or position.

Whatever it is a person desires, they can achieve it when they truly believe they can achieve it!

That last statement may sound a little condescending, but it is actually closer to the truth of how this works than just about anything I ever heard. Belief goes a long way to making a desire become manifest.

Now, I'm sure you're already wondering: How can that possibly work?

The logical mind that's had a lifetime of schooling and instruction that only things we can see, hear or touch can be believed will have a hard time processing this information. Science is based on facts and hard evidence, after all.

It's at this point that I'm going to need you to leave that logical, indoctrinated mind behind. You won't need it where we're going!

Making Sense of the Senseless

Just because you can't see, hear or touch a thing, doesn't mean it's not there. I'll use the example of electricity, since it's a good one, to elaborate on that point.

You certainly cannot see, feel, hear or otherwise confirm the existence of electricity by your five senses. Yet it's undeniably there.

Electricity will light a bulb, power a fan or heat an oven when it's channelled in the right way. It can also kill you if you misuse it!

Incredibly, no one (not even the most eminent scientists) can explain what electricity is, yet there it is. As long as you accept that it is a form of energy, that goes some way to accepting its existence.

The key word there is "energy."

Everything is Energy

Quantum physicists will tell you that everything in the known universe is comprised of energy. That includes light, heat and sound waves, gravity, electricity and all forms of matter (including you and me).

Energy is what is going on inside the atom as it vibrates at certain frequencies that we can detect and measure. Since everything is energy, everything is vibration and frequency, a point made by eminent scientific genius, Nikola Tesla.

Once we accept that we are nothing more than an energy field, vibrating at a certain frequency depending on how we feel, we can move forward to gaining something of an understanding of what we are and how we can affect the things around us, while simultaneously being affected by things around us.

Thought, Emotion and Creation

Our bodies are controlled in the main by our brain and central nervous system. Our minds oversee that form of control, while our emotions regulate the frequency our bodies vibrate at.

thought emotion creationNow it gets a little tougher to wrap your reasoning faculty around, but it can be done. If our bodies are energy (they are), so our thoughts and emotions are also energy forms.

Our thoughts dictate what we feel (our emotions), while our emotions can also influence what we think about. There's an image of a tail chasing dog for you!

Is the dog chasing the tail or is the tail luring the dog?

Actually, both are true. The same goes for our thoughts and emotions. However, we as humans have one level of superiority over all other animals: our ability to control our thoughts!

We may not be able to directly control our emotions, but we can control what we think about. And what we think will result in the emotions we feel.

That's huge. It's actually the key to understanding most of this vast subject.

The Law of Attraction is quite simply a statement that decrees we attract whatever is vibrating on a similar frequency to us. Like frequencies of vibration attract like frequencies of vibration.

Simply put, we can attract the things that are in harmony with the way we feel. And we can cause our feelings by what we are predominantly thinking about.

Emotional Control

Since it is the emotional state that dictates the frequency our bodies vibrate at, it stands to reason that if we can control that state, we can control the vibratory level and therefore control what we attract to us.

There are a very small percentage of people in the world that know about this principle and utilize it to their advantage. An even smaller percentage of people use the principle without knowing what they're doing or how they're doing it.

You may know someone like that, who seems to be "lucky" most of the time. Or someone that seems to have things going their way without any obvious cause.

Conversely, you may know more people who seem to consistently attract bad luck or things are forever going wrong for them.

It may seem even stranger that bad luck or problems seem to attach themselves to far more people than get good luck.

Well, it may not seem so strange when you know what is happening there.

Positive or Negative?

It's true that we are influenced by the things that are happening around us. Most people have no idea this is even happening, remaining content to blame someone or something else for their misfortunes, while the few lucky ones simply accept their good fortune gracefully.

The reason a lot more people suffer from bad luck or attract problems into their lives is their general outlook is negative. This is influenced by their thoughts being negative, which are in turn influenced by the weight of negative information surrounding them.

It surrounds us all, in fact!

Those happy-go-lucky souls tend to be that way because they unconsciously ignore all the negative influences around them. Most people do the opposite and have their attention firmly on all that negativity.

You only need to look with your eyes open to see where the bulk of it comes from.

The mainstream media is loaded with negativity. News stories are generally bad news stories and how many people religiously watch the TV news or read the daily newspaper? Uh huh!

When people's minds are bombarded with bad news, how do they feel about it? They feel bad, of course!

Feeling bad is a negative feeling, is it not?

People talk to each other and what do they talk about mostly?

The news they were watching or hearing or reading about, that's what!

So the negative vibe is spread from those who have absorbed it through the media to those that may not have absorbed it yet. Or it gets compounded by groups of people all discussing this or that bad news story and fueling their collective bad feelings about it!

What do like vibrations of energy attract? Like energy!

So all that negativity naturally attracts more of the same for those people to feel bad about!

I'll stop there, because if you have managed to figure out where all that is leading, you're well on your way to figuring out how to use this concept to your advantage.

How to Stop all the Negativity

Common sense will tell you that the way to feel better and attract good things to you is to block out the negative vibes. But how can you do that when they're all around you?

The place to start is with yourself. Instead of trying to block the negative vibrations, which you cannot realistically do, the alternative is to turn your back on them and focus on the positive. How can you do that?

Start by turning off the TV. If you're not absorbing the negative vibe from its source, that's a good place to start. Stop reading the newspapers and don't listen to news stories on the radio or via the Internet.

Remember, it's not just news that's bad news. It's also TV dramas, reality TV shows and even many movies that radiate bad or negative vibrations. Stop watching all TV!

The next phase of your liberation from negativity is to stop listening to other people talk about bad things. If your neighbors are talking about what they were watching on TV last night, don't join the conversation. Smile and walk away!

If someone wants to start telling you about how bad things are, get away from them!

Seek out people that only want to talk about good things. You'll know them when you come across them. They're often smiling and look happy most of the time.

Spend some time alone too. Get out into nature and start to absorb the simple things, like a light breeze on your face, the sunshine, or even the rain. Get in among trees and greenery where there will be more oxygen in the air and nothing else but the positive power of nature itself.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we possess for reaching deep within ourselves to find the inner strength and source of new ideas and intuitions that we all have, but are not connected with. Meditation connects us.

The relaxation is magnificent for dispelling stress and the calmness allows our minds to engage in real, deep and meaningful thinking that we can direct toward the positive.

When we are thinking positive, happy thoughts, our emotions respond in kind and our bodies benefit in many ways with stronger immunity and greater health! Now we come full circle into the doctor's realm!

Yes, there is an ulterior motive for my researches into the development of the mind. That's because I know that the mind controls the body and when the mind is healthy, so is the body.

A healthy body means a better, happier and more positive outlook on life. And what is happening when we are feeling happy and positive?

Yes. We're attracting more of the things to make us feel happy and positive.

A Very Real Law

The Law of Attraction is just as real as the Law of Gravity. While we can't see it or otherwise sense it, we know it's there and it's acting in and affecting our lives on a daily basis, whether we know about it or not.

It would pay to know more about it so you can understand it and make use of it to enhance your life, wouldn't you agree?

Further Reading

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