Aside from healthy dieting and exercise to attain and maintain the body beautiful, the use of shapewear to artificially slim or tone beneath clothes is commonly exercised by those looking to drop a dress size or two but haven't the time to wait for the weight loss program to get them to that place.

It is with this in mind that I decided to include this aspect of physical shape to this site since it's valid and more popular than you might think.

The wearing of body cinching undergarments is not a new thing either. It is a practise that has been followed for centuries.

The History of Body Shaping

Go back in history by visiting a good museum and just take a look at some of the dress fashions of those bygone days. You'll see that women in particular but also many men used corsets and other ingenious albeit rather uncomfortable ways of artificially looking slimmer than they really were.

The advent of the girdle in the early part of the 20th century brought a welcome relief for women who had suffered the highly restrictive and uncomfortable shaping method of the old-style corset. This undergarment facilitated the shaping of the lower abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs which was outside the capabilities of corsets.

But still girdles were not so comfortable and wearing one for any length of time became progressively uncomfortable. This was especially so if the amount of hold necessary was quite large.

A better solution was needed, but it wasn't until the perfection of lightweight and highly elastic modern fabric materials such as Lycra came about.

Body Forming Shapewear for Women

It was mostly aimed at women since this has mainly been the focus of the fashion industry, but modern shapewear now comes in many different garment choices with specific body areas targeted.

You can find out a lot more about women's body shaping wear by visiting but suffice it to say that you can now target individual areas right up to whole body shaping.

If you just wanted to firm up your backside, a pair of shapewear briefs would suffice. Need your stomach cinching? There is a garment to do that. Need tightening up in the thigh and buttock area? No problem, there are leggings or upper thigh garments that can do that too!

Does Shape Wear Help You Lose Weight

Unfortunately, there is no physical weight loss aspect to wearing modern shaping undergarments. Although some makers claim that because their garments promote better blood circulation in the areas targeted that there is some augmentation to a reducing diet or exercise program.

However, you should not use it with a view to it actually boosting your slimming program. Better to see it as a temporary adjustment for those days when you need to look your best for a function or special occasion when wearing a certain outfit is high on your list of priorities.

Eating Right Will Lead to Weight Loss

Even when the evidence is right there in front of people's eyes, still there are some who are not convinced that they can lose weight by a change in their diet for the better.

The fact of the matter is that a person is wheat they eat and they can diet for weight loss just as they can eat healthily to improve their health.

Most of the effects of diet are obvious to those who look. An overweight person has become that way because they are consuming too many calories for their bodies to burn off. So a simple shift in what they eat to reduce that calorie count can make a huge difference.

But it is not only about calories, but about the healthy nature of what you eat that will determine whether you lose weight healthily or not. A diet of junk food washed down with soda is a recipe for a disastrous health and merely cutting down is not the answer.

The constituents of the person's diet much change to include healthy fresh foods while also keeping the calorie count down if health weight loss is to be experienced. So look closely at your diet and what it consists of, because most people can make some simple changes that will make all the difference.

Then look at your body in the mirror and watch as it reduces in size over time as long as you stick to your diet, get some exercise to tone up the muscles and create a good, slender look. Then, if necessary and only on occasion, use shapewear to boost that figure to look great in certain clothes for that certain special occasion when you really do need to look your best.

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