Determined to Diet the Easy Way

So many people want to lose weight as easily as they possibly can through a simple, convenient and fast diet that doesn't take much time or effort to work with.

This is fine especially if you lead a busy lifestyle and there are programs out there that will enable you to achieve this.

determined to dietAfter all, not everybody can spare the time to work out a diet sheet, count calories, measure and weigh special ingredients then prep and cook the food... and for that matter go to the store to buy all the special food they'll need for the diet.

Not to mention being able to afford the cost of the diet over the long term.

Just out of interest, I want to publish the main part of a letter I received from a past patient who managed to achieve his goals through just this method.

I have retained the real name and details of the person to protect their true identity and omitted the more personal parts.

Please note the image displayed on this page is a standard stock image provided for some visual enhancement and its subject matter is NOT related in any way to the person that wrote in.

What a Determined Dieter Said

The letter makes for very interesting and motivating reading, which is why I decided to add this excerpt from the letter here:

"After more time than I care to remember being overweight, I finally decided to take the bull by the horns and do something positive about it. This was a few years ago and I don't mind admitting that at first the going was really tough! I tried loads of different things but had little or no success. I knew that if I gave up, I would lose and if there's one thing about me that I'm proud of, I'm no quitter!

So I just kept at it. I researched different diets and workout programs and determined to succeed, I tried more. Eventually, I got there after mixing a pretty easy diet plan with the kind of exercise plan that I could do pretty easily. I think a big part of my problem, same as many other folks, is I was trying too hard!

It's true. When you aim too high at a target that is really out of reach, it seems to be so impossible you just never seem to be making any headway. So I set the bar lower -- a lot lower. And to my surprise, I started losing weight. It was still slow going, but I was making progress and I could see a difference at the end of each week at the weigh in as well as the way my clothes were no longer tight. I started to feel like I had more energy and that spurred me on to exercise more and really stick out the diet.

OK, it took well over a year to shed thirty-six pounds but it felt good to achieve a real big target by breaking it down into small, monthly targets of a few pounds each month. That was over two years ago and I have not put back an ounce. I still eat healthy food, no processed junk and I don't drink any soda any more. I still exercise most days when the weather is good I get outdoors and go for long walks or short runs whatever I feel like doing. It's great!"


After reading that motivating letter from a person that made up their mind to go all-out and do what they had to do to lose the weight they needed and wanted to lose. What's the takeaway from this real-life story of trial, determination and success?

Well, I think it's fairly obvious that anyone can do this as long as they're determined enough and refuse to quit.

Just break it down into small chunks and it's so much easier. It can work for you, especially when you give yourself some help with a home delivery diet like the Nutrisystem diet program to make things as easy as possible and add to that mix a heck of a lot of will power to make it work!