Nutrisystem Auto Delivery

For anyone who is not too sure what Nutrisystem auto delivery is, the topic is covered in some detail here to help customers to get to know this aspect of the diet program.

The auto delivery system is one of the many aspects of Nutrisystem that can confuse customers.

Although most people are familiar with this aspect of the Nutrisystem program, some aren't aware of its workings or the consequences.

It's a good idea to be prepared.

Although it might seem a bit shady to get customers to sign up to auto-delivery, when you really think about the company's position, it is actually quite fair.

It's essential that you are aware of it before signing up for the program. This will help you avoid unnecessary costs that you might not have known about.

These are the reasons:

Why Auto-Delivery?

The company is in business to make money. If they offer a great deal, such as money off your first month, or free food for a few weeks, the customer still has to pay. This means that they don't make a profit.


The delivery driver must still be paid for the shipping of the food to your house. All raw ingredients must be paid. For preparing and packing the food, employees of the company must be paid. For answering your calls, customer service representatives must be paid. People have to be paid for answering your calls. This money is taken out of the cost of the customer's diet.

The Right Price

The company makes a profit by pricing the diet plans so everyone who should be paid, is paid. It is well-known that a company that does not make a profit will soon go out of business.

Therefore, it is important to make a profit!

When a special deal cuts into the profits and the money to pay employees, the company must make up the difference and this is reflected in the standard monthly Nutrisystem cost of the plans.

They do this by asking customers to purchase a second month's food at regular prices. This is part of the price overall delivery system.

How to Cancel Nutrisystem Auto Delivery

When you are considering canceling Nutrisystem auto delivery, the most important thing is to make sure that you really want to stop it.

If the answer is yes, then proceed with it in the correct way.

To do this, call 1-800-585 5483.

This number is correct at the time this article was published. Cancellations cannot be made via the website as many try to do, so please don't get frustrated by this and call the number.

Next, you should know that early cancellation penalties apply to those who have not yet paid for their second month of food. If you have accepted and paid for the second delivery, then cancelling afterward is straight forward with no penalty.

The difference between the amount you paid and the full cost of the first month's food will be refunded. If you received free shipping, you may be responsible for the shipping costs.

Beware Penalty!

The penalty could be taken from the credit card that you used to sign up with Nutrisystem for men or women plans, making it difficult to avoid.

This is an unfortunate "extra" when you accepted the discount offer. Maybe you thought you would get a one-month cheap diet delivery program and just cancel before any more food gets shipped out, but unfortunately, that doesn't end well.

Note: Nutrisystem is quite transparent about this situation.

You can find this information on the official Nutrisystem site. Once you are at their website, scroll down to their home page and you will find it under the "Terms" box.

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Written by: Dr Harold Long